Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED), is the only official institution that is recognized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Turkey, in the position of rule setting, management and execution. It is also the competent authority for sponsorship and brand visibility in organizations.

How can I communicate between automobile sports and my product?
You can contact sponsor@www.tosfed.org.tr to promote your brand, get information about our branches and organizations, and discuss the sponsorship in detail.

What are the fields/branches you can sponsor under the roof of TOSFED?
                                 a. Our Organizations

                  i. International
*Eg. (Fia Automobile Sport Games, WRC, ERT vs.)
                  ii: National
*Turkey Championships
*Eg. (Turkey Rally Championship, Turkey Drift Championship, Turkey Pist Championship, Turkey Offroad Championship, Turkey Climbing Championship, Turkey Karting Championship, Turkey Rallycross Championship vs.)
                  iii: Local
*Eg. (Autodrag, Baja Cup, Extreme, Slalom vs.)
                  iv: To Our Special Projects
*Eg. (TOSFED Prize Giving Ceremony vs.)
                                 b: To our social responsibility projects
*Eg. (Simulator on Road (MES), TOSFED Yıldızını Arıyor, Velinin Karnesi Nasıl?, Women’s Commission, Disabled People’s Commission vs.)
                                 c: To our employees (attendants)
*Eg. (To the supervisor’s vests, high-end clothing, educational organizations vs.)

Automobile sports data in the media

Our federation provides press release service and social media posting with videos and photos to national and local media organs before and after all organizations held in national status.

Why you should be a sponsor?
Growing interest in automobile sports,
Events spanning across Turkey,
Huge audience potential,
Total $91 million equivalent of advertising,
Access to over 150,000 social media followers
Identifying the brand with social responsibility projects
Contributing to Turkish sports and athletes
and more.

As the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation, we hope to see you in the vivid world of automobile sports and hope to initiate a business partnership that will benefit your brand and our sport.